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What I love about JIMMS COFFEE

I've heard a  lot about JIMMS COFFEE .   A  lot of people said that it is good for the body and it is delicious as well.  My first time drinking it, I was really surprised because it was really good and I can feel it's a healthy drink. Here are some of the benefits of drinking JIMMS COFFE: Boosts immune system Supports for mental health  Improves cognitive functions Controls blood sugar levels Prevents cancer Improves stamina and endurance Reduces blood pressure Promotes bones health Improves wound healing Reduces the risk of kidney toxicity Reduces the diseases due to radiation Make sure to try JIMMS COFFEE for better and healthy morning. Available at all leading supermarket.

Win a Xiaomi Mi 8 Daily by Watching Sinio and TNC Predator Pro Team’s Armel and Tims via Nimo TV

Live streaming app Nimo TV together with the country's well-known game streamers are giving away prizes for its lucky viewers this Holiday. From December 16 to 31 2018, lucky spectators will have a chance to win a Xiaomi mobile phone, prepaid loads or gaming items daily. To win, a spectator should watch the live streaming of the scheduled gamer of the day, and it will be drawn randomly via Nimo TV’s in-app draw feature. Hosting the promo are various gaming stars from Nimo TV’s streamer pool.  One is TNC Predator Pro Team’s Armel and Tims who will host on December 18-20 from 8:30 to 10:30 PM; December 21 from 1:30 to 3:30 PM; December 26 from 8:30 to 10:30 PM and December 27 – 28 (exact schedule will be posted via Nimo TV FB Page).  Popular Fliptop Artist / Gamer Sinio have recently hosted the giveaway last December 16 and scheduled to do another round on December 23 and 30 from 9:00 to 11:00 PM. Watch out for the upcoming schedule of some streamers via Nimo TV’s official Facebook

Shop with ZUUKI

" Zuuki " goal is to build an online marketplace for products an services and offer proprietary omnicommerce solutions. The name "Zuuki", pronounced as zu-ki comes from the word "Suki" which means loyal or frequent customers. It has unique features and services that you will not find in any other website, providing quality shopping experience for both buyers and sellers. For the sellers, they will be able to streamline their process and centralize their data by using an all-in-one platform so that will never miss an opportunity to make a sale, online or offline as their buyers experience seamless and hassle-free shopping. Zuuki aims to give to the sellers the sense of ownership and full control of their business. For Zuuki  sellers, they are provided with better tools to manage their business, including CRM, inventory, cross-platform integration, e-wallet, marketing, logistics and payment system. Zuuki has partnered with established