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Best Facial Forever by Diana Stalder

DIY scrubs and moisturizers aren’t enough to keep the skin healthy and clean! No worries! Diana Stalder , to the rescue! A basic facial will clean those greasy pores and exfoliate any dead skin cells lying on the top of your skin. To avoid dry, dull, and brittle skin, you need to follow Diana Stalder ’s skin care regimen! Here’s a list of beauty tips that can prove to be very helpful: 1. Cleanser – We advise clients to have their skin cleansed twice a day (minimum). 2. Toner – Soaps, alone, cannot remove the dirt stuck inside the pores; causing blackheads  and whiteheads. Use a toner after cleansing; this will help remove skin impurities.  3. Moisturizer – Dry and dull skin affects the skin’s aging; moisturizers can help our skin  relax. Applying moisturizers on your face before bed time can help in cell regeneration. 4. Day Cream – Sunscreen is an important factor that is sometimes neglected. Putting on  sunscreen 30 minutes before going out, and re-applying every

Asian Aesthetic Center Essentials - secret to a glowing and youthful skin

We are at peak skincare obsession, and it isn’t slowing down. Everyone’s talking about glass skin because these days the best makeup is a glowing complexion. Glass Skin is all about achieving a translucent, dewy, luminous face that makes you seem like you’re lit from within. There are so many products to choose from, but you need informed choices to separate the hype for certain products and ingredients to the ones that actually work. The AAC Essentials Rejuvenating Set consists of Dermatone, Clarifying Serum, and  Whitening Serum in combination gives your face a glow like no other.  The Dermatone helps  brighten skin for a glowy glass-like complexion. The Clarifying Serum increases cellular turnover  which makes the skin youthful-looking and the Whitening Serum lightens and minimize pores  which improves the appearance of skin. When we're younger, the skin changes every 28 days,  but as you age, the sloughing off of dead cells becomes sluggish and the skin be

AUMA Fashion Styling Firm empowers Filipino through fashion

What started as a clothing line in 2017, AUMA steadily evolved into a fashion  styling firm. It was named AUMA Fashion Styling Firm . The team is very eager in helping people find  their best selves through an advanced sense of personal style.  AUMA Fashion Styling Firm  came out from a strong devotion for fashion, an avid eye for style, and shared  mindset. Its stylists and associates see style as an expression of one’s wants, desires, and  self-image.  “ Auma is the combination of two people’s names who meant a lot to me. You can say, Auma came from  love and it’s my passion and love for style and fashion that will always sustain it”, says Founder and Head Stylist, Mika Cabrera . The young entrepreneur and fashion advocate started as a stylist under the mentorship of Metro  Magazine’s Creative Director, Eldzs Mejia. Straight from fashion school, Mika delved straight into  creating her own brand, empowered and determined to make a difference in the fashion co