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Shopee reveals Sarah Geronimo as new brand ambassador in time for Shopee 6.6 - 7.7 Lowest Price Sale

 Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, announces Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo as their new brand ambassador in time for the Shopee 6.6 - 7.7 Lowest Price Sale, happening from June 3 to July 7. On June 1, Filipinos can stay tuned for the first-ever television commercial of Shopee with Sarah Geronimo. Martin Yu, Associate Director, Shopee Philippines, said, “We are very happy with how Shopee performed in 2019 and to ramp up our efforts, we are following this up with a big campaign featuring our new brand ambassador, Sarah Geronimo. We believe that Sarah’s approachable and bubbly personality is a perfect representation of the Shopee brand and we are thrilled to have her become part of the family. We invite everyone to join us in celebrating the Shopee 6.6 - 7.7 Lowest Price Sale.” Happening from June 3 to July 7, the Shopee 6.6 - 7.7 Lowest Price Sale promises five weeks of unbeatable deals with up to 90% off from leading brands including P&am

Joshua Garcia is back with another Jollibee #TodoSarap commercial!

How clingy is  todo- clingy? In the new Jollibee ad featuring young actor Joshua Garcia, the script gets flipped as his friends show their acting chops and go all-out, just like the  todo  toppings , todo sarap  Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog! plugins/video.php?href=https% 2FJollibeePhilippines% 2Fvideos%2F2192625017482519% 2F&show_text=0&width=380 The funny new ad is a sequel of sorts to Joshua’s equally hilarious Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog commercial, in which he shows his impressive dramatic acting chops as a friend who thought his  barkada  didn’t get him a Jolly Hotdog.  “ Ang galing ng todo- drama skills  ng mga  friends  ko dito !” said Joshua of his co-stars in the latest commercial. “I can say  na todo- enjoy  talaga ang pag -shoot  nitong  TVC  na ‘to,  just like how I enjoy the  todo toppings,  todo sarap  Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog! ” “We thought Joshua’s love for Jolly Hotdog and his comedi

Juan Ponce Enrile #25

Juan Ponce Enrile 95 years old na pero hindi nagsasawang magserbisyo para sa bansa. Si Enrile ay  mula sa probinsya ng Cagayan. T inutukan niyang issue ay ang power sector upang hindi umabuso ang mga producers ng elektrisidad .  Kinilala niya ang karapatan ng mga producers ng elektrisidad na kumita sa kanilang mga negosyo subalit nais niya na masiguro na hindi pagsasamantalahan ang mga gumagamit ng elektrisidad.   Kumontra din siya sa pag-pasa ng EPIRA ( Electric Power Industry Reform Act ) at   Pinasimulan niya ang Anti-Trust Bill pero ito ay hindi natapos .  Gumawa siya ng Anti-Terrorism Bill Mga batas na naisulong ni Juan Ponce Enrile > Republic 9522 ( Baseline Law ) na nagtatalaga ng mga hangganan ng kapuluan ng bansa > CARP Extension > Anti Torture Act > Expanded Senior Citizens Act > Anti-Child Pornography Act > National Heritag Conservation Act > Real Estate Investment Act

Rebisco launches new products that you’ll surely love

Homegrown snack giant Rebisco beefs up its growing snack portfolio with a new roster of products perfect for snack-loving Filipinos of all ages. The well-loved Rebisco and Hansel Premium line now includes the Japanese flavor-inspired  Hansel Premium with White Cheese Filling  and the light and crunchy  Rebisco Premium Crackers with Black Sesame Seeds , deliciously roasted to create that delightful  umami  flavor that always hits the spot. Over on the chips and curls section, Rebisco adds  Tostas —thin and crispy dual-flavored corn chips. It comes in two flavors—smoky BBQ and savory cheese—in one pack, for that one-of-a-kind corn chip experience. Also now available are  Goofers  and  Cornkalog . Goofers are crunchy corn puffs with a distinctly sweet and creamy peanut butter flavor that bursts in the mouth with every bite. Cornkalog is another corn snack variety, this time with a rich and sweet corn flavor and creamy filling.  For the kids and kids-at-heart, the all-

Looking for pampasaya? Jollibee’s more affordable Sulit-Complete meals are here!

Finding something—and someone—who brings joy to one’s day is one of the best things in life. When you encounter your favorite  pampasaya , the boost of happiness that you get is truly incomparable.  In Jollibee’s latest TV commercial, the adorable couple who found their  pampasaya  in one another and their Jolly favorites in the Kwentong Jollibee Valentines video “Proposal” makes a cheerful comeback with an exciting announcement that is sure to make you smile: Jollibee’s  Sulit-Complete Meals  are now more affordable!             <iframe src=" " width="380" height="476" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe> “With rising prices of goods,

BIOHERB: The all-natural and effective way to manage diabetes

According to the most recent World Health Organization ( WHO ) study, one out of every five Filipinos has diabetes. By 2030 the United Nations agency predicts that the Philippines will be among the top 10 countries with the most people with the said chronic disease. This translates to over seven million Filipinos. Now there is an affordable, all-natural way to deal with diabetes. BIOHERB is a choice 4-in-1 natural treatment with know hypoglycemic effect against high blood sugar. “We at Nutra Berde Inc. want to provide Filipinos an all-natural way to manage diabetes. It is a disease that is a growing cause of morbidity in the country, “ said Mark Lopez, president of Nutra Berde Inc., during a recently held townhall at Mario’s Restaurant attended by selected guest and media. “ With a healthy diet, exercise, and a regimen of taking Bioherb once a day, Pinoys can combat the effects of diabetes and even more, prevent it’s onset for those likely to develop it,’ added Geneb

The dangers of damaging your liver and how our ‘Silent Hero’ can recover

The liver is probably one of the body’s most  overworked organs. It may as well be called a “Silent Hero” because it plays a key role in the chemical processes of the body. The liver stores important vitamins, energy and minerals, and releases them to the blood. It helps the body to resist infections by producing immune factors and removing bacteria from the blood. It converts the food you eat into energy, and produces  chemicals your brain needs and spinal cord needs. The liver also detoxifies by metabolizing and expelling drugs, alcohol, and environmental toxins from your system.  It also helps digest your food and absorb important nutrients through the bile it  produces. There is a misconception that alcohol drinkers are the most commonly affected by liver  disease – one that is called Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (AFLD). Symptoms can  include fatigue, pain in the upper right abdomen, enlarged breasts in men, red palms and yellowing of the skin and eyes, a condition ca

In honor of its 55th anniversary: Rebisco awards 55 sari-sari store owners with store makeover and products

Homegrown snack giant Rebisco is spreading the anniversary joy to its grassroots business partners. As part of its 55 th  year celebration, Rebisco awarded 55 lucky  sari-sari  store owners with store makeover and products for each. The winners were selected among hundreds of small business proprietors who shared their stories detailing how the snack food giant has made an impact on their lives and businesses. According to Rebisco President Jonathan C. Ng, the project was borne out of a simple yet poignant motivation: to express gratitude. “ Sari-sari  stores are crucial to our business model,” he said. “These entrepreneurs are our loyal and hardworking community partners who help nourish Rebisco’s continued growth and success. This project is one of many ways we want to give back, by empowering them and their businesses.” Shining the spotlight Of the 55 winners, three were featured in an online video recently released by Rebisco. Ester Recinto , a 66-year-old  s

Puppy Hour at Somerset Olympia Makati

The Ascott Limited’s Somerset Olympia Makati celebrated its  first Puppy Hour last April 30, 2019. In line with the international celebration of pet month, Somerset Olympia Makati celebrated the value of  pet ownership that brought together dog owners, bloggers, and a non-profit organization in raising  awareness for a good cause. The participants had a chance to tour around the facilities of the serviced-residence together with their dogs as Somerset Olympia Makati is the first pet-friendly property of The Ascott Limited in the Philippines. Ms. Susan Salcedo, The Ascott Limited Philippines’ City Manager said, “Because there are only a few pet-friendly properties in the hospitality industry in our country, Somerset Olympia Makati offers a home for your pets”  “Moreover, we are not just your mere serviced-residence because our service is perfect for those travelers or families who would not want to leave their pets in the corners of their homes” Salcedo added.