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Max's Restaurant believes the world is better when we come together through chicken

Can you imagine a world where the sun doesn’t shine? A life where we must aimlessly walk blind with nothing but darkness to guide us? This may sound like a dystopian, post-apocalyptic scenario, but in ‘Rise Up,’  Max ’s Restaurant’s newest installment of its ‘Every Kind of Family’ campaign, it is a far lighter take; one on kindness, respect, collaboration, and working together for the good of everyone. Max ’s history of compelling storytelling was recently recognized by the prestigious Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards as the Advertiser of the Year for coming up with ‘End Alienation,’ which highlights our intrinsic need to belong. This was then followed by ‘Resolutions,’ which proves it’s possible to unite and come together as a family despite our differences. Now, ‘Rise Up’ takes an unexpected twist of celebrating  Max ’s 74 years of proud existence – its Sarap-To-The-Bones® chicken and how it brings everyone from different walks of life together and foster life-long relationships.