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Francisco V. Coching's showcased at SM Aura

He was recognized as Philippine National Artist for Visual Arts in June 2014 for giving form, in words and artwork, to the complex mix of mythology, romance, human drama, legends and heroes that somehow developed the visual consciousness of the ordinary Filipinos from the 1940s up to his retirement in 1973. His works are known from past generations up to present time. A lot of characters made by him are still known and famous up to this date. Some of these are Pedro Penduko, Sabas ang Barbero and a lot more. He mesmerized readers with his ink and brush drawings. Fine fluid lines, dramatic compositions and unusual perspectives are the hallmarks of a Coching artwork. He was a master storyteller, who created plots simmering with action, adventure and fantasy. Almost all of his sixty-some serialized novels were made into popular movies. It is believed that Coching’s komiks helped promote the national language in the country. Coching succeeded in bridging the gap between fine

Make Up Review using Althea

I'm a big fan of cosmetics from korea and it is very convenient that there is ALTHEA which gets you authentic make up from Korea itself then ship it at your doorstep. They have your favorite korean brands as well as their own product line which is cheaper and very effective as well just like these 3 new make-up from Althea. Althea Watercolor Cream Tint Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer Althea Sunrise and Moonlight Eye Palette Althea Spotlight Eye Glitter Althea's Skin Relief Spot Film Gel -  quickly and effectively treat acne, while a mix of Centella and pine leaf extracts calm redness, treating acne while you’re out and about. Say bye-bye to bulky, unsightly pimple patches and hello to flawless skin!  Here's the steps on how I achieve my no foundation look using Althea Make Up: 1st step: Moisturize your skin and apply brow product 2nd step: I applied the Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer (Shade: Ginger ) for my un

Catch Two Weeks of Mega Deals and Mega Savings at Shopee 3.3 Mega Shopping Day

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan officially kicks off Shopee 3.3 Mega Shopping Day, with over two weeks of unmissable promotions. From February 15 to March 3, users can enjoy free shipping for purchases as low as ₱99, flash sales as low as ₱33, and Shopee vouchers worth ₱3 million. A mega lineup of top local and international brands, including Maybelline, Vivo, Reckitt Benckiser, Betadine, and Robinsons Appliances will also join Shopee 3.3 Mega Shopping Day to offer exclusive deals at up to 90% off. Martin Yu, Associate Director, Shopee Philippines, said, “Shopee has had a superb start to the year after our popular Shopee 2.2 Double Double Sale, and we are excited to build on this momentum with Shopee 3.3 Mega Shopping Day. We also launched our new commercial in the Philippines featuring our regional brand ambassador, BLACKPINK, this week and it has been a huge hit. As a young, talented, and passionate group of artistes, BL

Try Something New: The Dry Scrub Massage at His & Hers Salon

Taking a shower after a body scrub can be a hassle, especially if you don’t like bringing  extra clothes. His & Hers, a nail salon in Makati, offers a whole different take on the  regular body scrub that incorporates a full body massage – it is painless, non-sticky,  and you’ll feel a whole lot moisturized after, not to mention relaxed! What makes this body scrub different is their use of natural, homemade scrubs made  from high-end essential oils—a royal treat you won’t likely find in any other salon. And  get this: these scrubs are personally made by the salon’s owner. How cool is that? “ I've always been fascinated with natural home remedies,” begins Atty. Peaches  Aranas, a full-time lawyer and owner of His & Hers. “As a mom, every time my kids  would get sick, I always preferred natural home remedies over medicine. That led me to discover essential oils.” She immediately saw the positive effects of essential oils with regards to her skin  concerns. Soon, she

Jollibee Tuna Pie is back

There are those days when cravings strike in between meals, meetings, and just about any activity in our busy days, but a simple nibble can’t cut it. We look for a satisfyingly delicious treat that hits the right spots—just like the Crispy, Creamy Two-Na Sarap  Jollibee   Tuna Pie ! Bite into the golden pie-crust that’s fried perfectly to a crisp and savor the combination of textures and flavors from the generous amounts of chunky tuna flakes, peppery sauce, cheese, and vegetables. With every bite, this snack delivers true “two- na sarap”  bite after bite. The Tuna Pie’s complex combination of two contrasting flavors and textures is what makes it so delicious, which is why it has become so popular among Filipino snacking connoisseurs. Each bite of the flaky pie crust is met with the indulgent creamy tuna filling that provides a leveled-up experience. “Nothing beats a snack that is tasty and filling and can be enjoyed whenever, wherever,” said Mari Aldecoa, Jollibee Mar

Ang Pao from Nimo TV

Inspired by the positivity, generosity and the friendly nature of the earth pig. Nimo TV launches another exciting promo titled “Give an Ang Pao to your favorite Streamer” from February 1 to 8, 2019.  What is an Ang Pao?  Ang Pao in Chinese and other East Asian cultures is a gift customarily given during holidays or special occasions. As a gesture of gratitude and appreciation, the red colored envelope denotes good luck and ward off harmful spirits.  Nimo TV’s virtual Ang Pao, an in-app feature can be given to any streamers you follow to help increase their popularity. Each Ang Pao valued at 100 coins that can be used to interact with your favorite Nimo TV streamers. How to get coins?  By watching your favorite streamers’ LIVE streaming, you can claim the Daily Coins Reward. The longer you stay, the more coins you earn and the more Ang Pao you can give to your favorite streamer.  Download the Nimo TV app at Apple app store and Google Play store for mor